”The voice of Marieann Meringolo

will woo you, win you and whisper in your ear.” 

~ John Anderson, New York Newsday Critic

2019 BroadwayWorld nomination
"Best Tribute Show”
2004 MAC Award
"Recording of the Year”
2004 Back Stage Bistro Award 
“Outstanding CD"
1991 GLAMA Award Nomination 
“Debut Artist” 
New York Native Award 
“Best Solo Performance”
King Features EVVY Award 
“Best National Cabaret Act” 
1993 Back Stage Bistro Award
“Outstanding Vocalist” 
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"Something very special, almost miraculous has happened in Boston's cabaret scene, which until

a year ago had been on life support for more than

a decade. In the past 6-8 months, the local cabaret scene has risen gloriously, like a phoenix from the ashes.


Several local venues have begun presenting a full schedule of cabaret entertainment, partly through the passion of a few key individuals who saw the value in such entertainment, and partly in response to a growing market demand by an audience looking, perhaps, to escape the anxiety of today's world. There is now such a critical mass of nearly 20 shows in March alone, that it has prompted the revival of

an old tradition, "March is Cabaret Month." 


Moonshine offers two shows in March, including New York-based MAC and Bistro Award winner Marieann Meringolo's show "Here's to the Ladies: A Salute to Great Ladies in Song" on 3/21 with Tom LaMark on piano, and directed by Will Nunziata, celebrating the music of Peggy Lee, Barbra Streisand, Joni Mitchell and Dionne Warwick.

This is one not to miss."

~  John Amodeo, Boston Boîtes, March 2020

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"There's a reason that Marieann Meringolo continues to reprise this holiday show annually at the most popular dinner theater in town. She's a ton of fun. With a classic, made-for-recording smooth voice, she piped out holiday favorites as well as some unique gems from recording artists she knew (and in some cases had in the audience). Part of her appeal has got to be that she has a classic, New Yorker vibe."

~ Chris Struck, Broadway World,

"While many modern singers see a song and its lyrics as a showcase for their voice, Marieann Meringolo sees her voice as a showcase for a song and lyrics. Many try but few manage to come close to Streisand’s interpretation. With a timbre, vocal range and syllabication remarkably close to Streisand’s, Meringolo makes every precious word register in your heart. The same can be said for her rendition of “It Might Be You,” as Meringolo brings out the poetry and romantic idealism of a song as pure as love itself."

~ David Witter, Fra Noi


"Years ago, I praised Meringolo’s poise, rich vocal power, and dynamic renditions. She is a sophisticated performer who demonstrates appreciation of both lyrics and melodies. She delivers her interpretations of Legrand’s music with honesty and passion. She proves she can thrill listeners as few others do, even some who’ve attained greater prominence."

~ Elizabeth Ahlfors, Bistro Awards



"Every cabaret show worth seeing has one number that moves you to tremble like a dog coming in from the rain…For Marieann Meringolo it’s ‘I Was Born In Love With You’, if you don’t do it brilliantly it isn’t worth doing at all. Ms. Meringolo’s powerhouse interpretation makes full use of the dramatic Bergman lyric and the adventurous Legrand melody."     

~ Will Friedwald, Wall Street Journal


"Marieann Meringolo delivers songs about love lost and strength found. ‘Meadowlark,’ the Stephen Schwartz ballad from the musical The Baker’s Wife needs a substantial voice to do it justice, and Marieann Meringolo, who bears some physical and vocal resemblance to Barbra Streisand, delivered one of the two or three strongest renditions I can remember."

~ Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"She’s fantastic, shades of Streisand and Nancy Lamott with a whole lot of Meringolo swing. I loved everything about her, personality, jazz feel, and musically confident presentation. The best singers always seem to have the most creative pianists as musical directors. Doyle Newmyer had great arrangements of my favorite tunes. You’re Crazy if you don’t catch her."~ Stephen Sorokoff, Times Square Chronicles



"The elegant velvety sound of Meringolo places her in a league with the aforementioned greats. Meringolo brings joy, confidence, power and an informed consciousness to these songs…Rush to get seats!"     

~ Larry Myers,

"Marieann Meringolo Soars…I witnessed an artist, who with guidance and luck will be selling out clubs and concert stages in the years to come. If I were you, I’d get to Feinstein’s while the getting is good to see the beginning of what’s clearly a new chapter in her career. The Lady has an extraordinary voice."

~ Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

"Spot on in pitch...Her delivery of these songs demonstrated complete understanding

of the lyrics and effortless phrasing. Every time she launched into another song medley like “How Do You Keep the Music Playing/Summer Me, Winter Me,” the room stood still."     

~ Kathryn Kitt,

 "The Miracle at Feinstein’s…Marieann Meringolo impressed me so much that from now on I’m calling her MM2 because I feel she is to singing what Marilyn Monroe was to sex. She, the Bergmans and Legrand are a grand Combination – a match made in heaven that produces heaven on earth. If you miss her, it’ll be a sin."
~ Myra Chanin, Times Square Chronicles

"Meringolo Brings Drama To Legrand Songs…Legrand famous for music for such films as ‘The Umbrellas of Cherbourg,’ ‘The Thomas Crown Affair,’ and ‘Yentl,’ needs someone like Meringolo to provide the dramatic interpretation of his muse."

~ Lucy Komisar, New York Theatre Wire

"Streisand’s influence can be felt in her tone and phrasing…but there are other echoes here as well: Piaf’s soldierly pathos, Sinatra’s cinematic sense of narrative. These colors blend with Meringolo’s own warm personality to create a rich vocal palette. Musically she delivers exactly what the Legrand songbook calls for."
~ Ethan Kanfer, Show Business


 "Believe In Spring…You Must Believe In Spring is Marieann Meringolo’s latest cabaret production and it is vital, moving and brilliantly conceived and arranged. Ms. Meringolo draws you in and her voice holds you captive till she’s through. The featured composer is Michel Legrand and the pairing of Ms. Meringolo with this music is as natural as breathing."
~ Sherri Rase, Q onStage


 "Marieann has one of THE most beautiful voices in the business. This voice, combined with this program of some of the best songs ever written will go down as one of my favorite shows of all time. I would have stayed for a second show of the same program just to hear this program and this voice again. GO SEE THIS SHOW!"
~ Sue Matsuki, Cabaret Hotline Online 

"An artist with a Spectacular voice! Marieann Meringolo’s The Songs of Alan & Marilyn Bergman was a beautiful display of sound and meaning coming together."     

~ Joel Benjamin, Cabaret Scenes

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